Fine lips. Lip maintenance


Polish lips. As to make a lips polish and young at home

Lips - a most seductive and nice part of a young girl's skin. Caring for a skin, it must be remembered that the lips do not require less maintenance. With careful maintenance and part of a carefully attention of a lips will always be shine, gentle and seductive. We propose recipes home folk and cosmetics...

The cracks on a lips. Treatment of cracks on a lips: home remedies and vitamin

A nice of lips has ever been great for women.

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Cleansing facials. Face cleaning house


Cleansing facial mask is prepared on a basis of soap suds, wax, clay and other synthetic products, which attract dirt, oil and dead skin horny scales with a face. All that sticks to a inside of the mask, as it dries, then removed from the face with a mask. As a result, clean the pores, improves circulation, which gives a face a healthy color and freshness.

In addition cleansing mask for a skin and neck exercise mild peeling. Cleansing Masks for skin, experts recommend to do once a 7 days. This type of cover is suitable for all face types.

Immediately of the cleansing cover which is removed with soft aqua, it is effective to make a nutritious. But if you have not time, or at least put on facial skin ample layer of nourishing fluid.

If you use the covers from a manufacturer, then those with any face face care covers can do TWO times a 7 days.

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Facelift at home


So we try to tell a little some however you can tighten skin without surgery, and without expensive beautiful salons, caring for himself at home.

A alone condition required for home treatments are effectual - it regularly. If you Think about it that you enjoy no time for systemic procedures, not worth a start - a effect will be temporary, and you will only have frustrated.

Of course, homemade face tightening may not always help: for example, if you possess sagging skin on a neck, and the skin wrinkles are extremely deep, a salon or clinic will yet get to apply. But that's beginning to correct a deformation of skin care contours, improve skin tone, restore elasticity and remove skin wrinkles - such problems can be successfully run at home.

Means facelift

A easiest method to apply home purchase makeup, and now the choice of such cosmetics is huge. So, the range of such means should be taken very seriously, how any person is different. It is necessary to pick up into account your skin type, age, particularly well-being and more.

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