Masks with olive oil for very dry skin

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Mask with olive oil and beans - nourishing and whitening: white beans (5-6 grains) to seethe, cut, add the lemon juice and olive oil (1 teaspoonful) and stir for 20 min to put on a face. Rinse off with soft aqua.

Mask with olive oil and onions: a little crude onion baked in a oven, peel and grind into pulp, append natural honey and cow butter (1 tsp.), blend and apply, however in the previous recipe. Even much very dry skin returns to rule.

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Lift the skin. Means to tighten the face in the home: a mask and contrast-wash

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Healthy lifestyle and skin care allows us to preserve a youth and lovely, but there comes a time when the skin askes especial attention - otherwise it loses its elasticity and smoothness, fades, fades, her wrinkles and folds. Of course, in the big cities with a aggressive environment it happens much more frequently than in a quiet little town, and this has to be considered.

How could push aging skin, keep it healthy and good, if she has to endure each time a impact of aggressive factors? Some women believe that best method is of plastic material surgery - same movie stars and show business.

I should say, however, that not all of a stars possess resorted to this drastic remedy: you understand that health - this is most important, and a focus is on comfortably cosmetics, hardware cosmetology, massage, etc. Incidentally, a food, some of them want be much tighter than we may imagine.

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Moisturizing and nourishing. Day and night creams

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Lack of aqua in the body ages a facial skin, reducing its elasticity, promotes skin wrinkles. However following cleaning a face to moisturize. There are particular moisturizers, facial skin covering an invisible protective layer. The general purpose of every day serum - moisturizing the facial skin and keeping the evaporation of its own moisture...

Pick up care of face in winter: meticulously wash, pick the means to leaving and salon medication

Our skin, adapting to variant weather conditions, changes its chief properties. With coldness weather and dropped daylight reduces a production of sebum. Dry skin is moderately young, normal close to dry, very dry becomes more dry and sensitive. Read more -->

Covers with olive butter for ordinary skin

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Nourishing and softening cover with olive oil: deep-fat cottage cheese (1 teaspoonful) mixed with olive butter and parsley juice (at? Teaspoonful), triturated and used for 15-20 min on the face. Wash off with hot h2o.

Cleansing and softening cover with cucumber and olive butter: cucumber (?) Rubbed on a fine grater and squeeze out juice. In a remaining slurry is added sour natural milk and a butter (1 tsp), mix and used to a facial skin and neck for 20 minutes. So bath with coldness h2o and wipe the facial skin cucumber juice.

With a mixture of oils can look after very dry and ordinary skin of a skin and neck skin: olive oil (1 tablespoon) mix with rosemary butter (5 drops), rosewood (3 drops) and geranium (2 drops). This mixing smeared face and neck 1-2 minutes a day.

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Items to improve a complexion Chanel

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Fluid Chanel Precision Eclat Originel Maximum Radiance Comfort Fluid - comfort, designed specifically for dull, dry facial skin. It contains juice of shiitake, penetrating into the facial skin and works with a inside. A formula works on micro, smoothes and moisturizes a skin, allowing it to perfect reflect a lightness. Complexion improves and a skin gradually returns shine, but to use this fluid to a some weeks to have a stable effect.

Exfoliating Gel Chanel Gommage Microperle Eclat also improves the complexion, removing dead facial skin cells lining a relief and restoring dull face a polish, healthy color. The structure consists of creamy gel microparticles jojoba pollen pearls, grown in vitro, how well so plant extracts, giving the face a healthy and fresh. Apply this gel 2-3 minutes a week.

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Pink clay. Cover of pink clay facial

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Pink clay contains red and white clay in various proportions. Is composed of minerals, has a disinfectant and smoothing capacity on the skin. Soft pink clay is recommended for delicate service of a epidermis. It is also used as an astringent and smoothing cover and in shampoos for normal hair.

Beautician claimed that a selection of a particular type of clay depends on a patient's problems, the state of his skin. Clay, assorted with water, hardens quickly and however soon how it loses moisture, its moisturizing effect on a facial skin is leveled, it narrows the pores and dries the skin. This mask is not suitable for dry and sensitive skin even more. Read more -->

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