Service of the neck skin - Nutritional cover at home. Neck skin massage

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All a time we forget to pick up upkeep of a neck, limiting the attention of her only hygiene. How, to keep us youthful neck and resilience, require constant attention - covers for the neck skin. Maintain a helf form neck skin, extend its youth by specific exercises. How to remove the second (double) chin at home?...

Loose facial skin on the neck skin

Facial skin upkeep, one way or another, cares the woman 18 years old, but that a lot of men forget approximately a neck: because you can ever hide behind a high collar or turtleneck sweater, wear a fashionable scarf or scarf, but of the the summer so should to wear a dress or open sarafan and flabby Facial skin does not allow - and what to do?...

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Lovely lips. Lip maintenance

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Polish lips. How to create your lips shine and prettily at home

Lips - a most seductive and beautiful part of a woman 18 years old's face. Caring for a skin, it should be remembered that a lips do not need less maintenance. With careful maintenance and special maintenance of the lips will always be smooth, gentle and seductive. We propose recipes home folk and cosmetics...

A cracks on a lips. Medication of cracks on a lips: home remedies and vitamins

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Sensitive face care skin: causes and therapy. Covers and lotions for sensitive face: Home Remedies

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Sensitive skin - this is not a type, so many people Think about it. A skin is sensitive not just - it depends on a overall hygiene, and the impact of variant negative factors, which in our your is more than enough - even list is not required. Of course, one reason is improper cosmetics and procedures, or excessive apply them.

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Elasticity of the skin

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Our face may lose elasticity and not only with age, but for varied causes. This may be a small regimen and care, and overdrying facial skin dehydration, gestation, rapid weight loss, the capacity of harmful environment, etc.

Currently, enough makeup to remedy the situation, but we'll keep you here approximately the apply of fatty oils, however correctly how about of a items that restore facial skin lose elasticity, doing it polish and supple.

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