Care of the neck skin - Nutritional mask at home. Neck skin massage

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All a time we forget to take care of the neck, limiting their attention of her alone hygiene. So, to keep us youthful neck and resilience, need constant attention - covers for a neck skin. Maintain a goodness anatomy neck skin, extend its youth by specific exercises. How to remove the second (double) chin at home?...

Loose skin on the neck

Facial skin upkeep, one technique or another, cares a girl, but that many men forget approximately a neck: because you can ever hide behind a high collar or turtleneck sweater, wear a fashionable scarf or scarf, but after the summer however wish to wear a dress or open sarafan and flabby Face does not allow - and what to do?...

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Covers Lip

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To polish skin of the lips, to give freshness and organic glow, try to make a mask for lips:

Nourishing mask for lips: Blend a small kolichesvto serum and carrot breeding juice to carry on a lips, in 5-7 min, rinse with cool water. Th "mask" of serum or carrot breeding juice.

In ordering to not dry out a lips, apply a lip following cover: Apply a mix of cucumber or carrot fresh juice, natural honey, sour cream and cottage cheese. Of the Fifteen minutes of preparation butter grease lip

To soften leather lips and therapy of little cracks cover is used for lips: mix grated on a lovely grater red apple with 1 teaspoonful. A butter, so put weight on his lips for 15-30 minutes. Then rinse with cool water.

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Make face masks Recipes

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The easiest method to prepare a face mask - crushed fresh fruits or fruits, and immediately put on a facial skin. If crushed raw vegetables or fruit juicy enough, a pulp can add to natural milk. If a pulp, by contrast, is too thin, throw in the mealy to it. It is as well convenient to put a whole pieces of orange, medium tomato, cucumber and grapefruit. If a consistency of the cover is a juice, it is used how follows: a bit of gauze with cutouts for skin eyes, nose and mouth soaked in nectar, a some squeeze and put on the facial skin and neck skin. Instead of gauze can be used a thin layer of cotton wool. Read more -->

Useful treatments for neck skin self-massotherapy a neck

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We present you some treatments for the neck skin. Self-massotherapy neck beauticians consult to do every day. Self-massotherapy strengthens the neck skin muscles of a facial skin, neck skin allows you to clear a skin of toxins and deposits, improves blood circulation. Isolated very dry and wet methods neck skin massotherapy. To preserve the beautiful of the neck skin longer need a rightly pillow...

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Oils for face elasticity

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Ripe avocado butter helps make flexibility even fading, peeling, very dry skin: it hydrates and nourishes it, it is used for sunburn. Especially useful is a butter for the face around a eyes.

In ordering to improve the tone of the skin and increase its elasticity, it is necessary from a shower to rub a entire aging body with a mixing of ripe avocado oil and 5-6 drops of rosemary oil.

In the type of skin, It is possible to apply wheat germ butter: it relieves irritation, inflammation, swelling, flaking and itching and restores elasticity and firmness, however it contains much of vitamins E. This oil as well prevents a occurrence of rosacea and reduces its manifestations.

Excellent restore face elasticity walnut oil and castor oil. By the technique, castor butter is inexpensive, and you can buy easily, however you want pay attention to it and apply in face care.

Some efficient oil in our country know less, but presently, thanks to the flourishing trade relations, we may apply them and have fine effect with.

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Tools good lifting surface of the skin

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Highly frequently women are however-called means of good lifting surface, forming a thin film on the skin. Thus, a face is stretched, and a bod of the face is aligned - for a short time. Such funds are called cosmetic manufacturers with an immediate effect, and for a while they make a skin younger and more nice, you are convenient to use so a rapid means - for example, when you possess to attend approximately momentous case or soiree.

This film may stay per day or several hours, so washed off with do-up - it is clear that this is more masking a issue than the solution.

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